I am pursuing a B.S. Independent Scholars and minors in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies, Family Studies and Art. Additionally, I am pursuing Pre-Law. My Independent Scholars inquiry consists of looking at how intersectionality affects LGBTQIAP+ youth’s acceptance across the nation and what happens as a result of intolerance in schools and at home. I am pursuing this research by taking courses rooted in sociology, social work, writing, political science, justice studies, art, and honors. Through this work I hope to gain knowledge in how to support and encourage LGBTQIAP+ youth who are in the foster care system or juvenile justice system as a result of intolerance. Furthermore, I am going to be conducting my own research through surveys in order to see how one’s background influences their opinions on the LGBTQIAP+ community.

Outside of my studies I enjoy staying busy. I am involved in two academic honor fraternities: Kappa Pi and Phi Alpha Delta. Additionally, I enjoy staying active, listening to music, and reading memoirs, fiction, and watching movies/documentaries related to my inquiry.